Cheesecake BASIC  v3

For a users guide, type "help" at the Cheesecake BASIC prompt.

For a language reference, look online for any QuickBasic reference.

Some Notes

Cheesecake BASIC version 3 is a bytecode-based version of BASIC. It accepts a language very similar to QuickBASIC.

Programs can be run from within the compiler, or they can be turned into stand-alone executables for MS-DOS or for the Windows Console.

If a program uses DOS-specific features (such as graphics), then it will always be executed by a 16-bit virtual machine, and only a DOS executable can be generated.

If a program does not use DOS-specific features, then you have the option to generate an executable for either DOS or for 32-bit Windows.

"Gorilla" running under Cheesecake BASIC v3